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What is EAFK?

EarlyAct FirstKnight (or EAFK) is a daily social/emotional learning program for elementary and middle school students that emphasizes the development of high moral character and social skills.

Themed around the exciting world of gallant knights and chivalry from Arthurian literature, EAFK was created by Randall Parr and is designed to be sponsored by participating Rotary Clubs and their community partners.

EAFK helps young students adopt excellent personal qualities that have proven to reduce disciplinary referrals and bullying (up to 75%), as well as reclaimed classroom teaching time (~45 minutes per day). This translates into improved academic performance, more positive interpersonal relationships, a superb learning environment and an exemplary campus culture.

Knights of The Guild

EAFK is owned and operated by The Knights of The Guild, a subsidiary of The Randall Parr Organization, Inc.


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EAFK General Manager

Amber Parr



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