A Division of The Randall Parr Organization, Inc.


Event dates: EAFK calendar dates are scheduled up to one year in advance. Miscommunications can happen, so please check this calendar regularly and quickly let us know if your upcoming event or time does not match what you see below. Once confirmed, calendar date changes are difficult to make. If, however, a date change is absolutely necessary, your request must be made by email ONLY; not over the phone.

Knights: The assignment of individual knights to EAFK events is a strategic process based upon availability and travel convenience. We cannot guarantee that the same staff knight from EAFK will be attending your event each time.

Abbreviation Key

TO - Teacher Orientation

SO - Student Orientation

TC - Tournament of Champions (Knights and horses)

KC - Knighting Ceremony

SP - Special Appearance

PS - Parenting Seminar

Calendar will be updated as schedule changes due to Hurricane Harvey are made.