EAFK makes professionally-produced products designed to heighten visibility of our program on campus. You are welcome to make your own, or obtain any of the items shown below for your convenience. To order, just send an email enquiry to and we will contact you with details.

EAFK Products

EAFK Power Posters (Elementary)

Power Posters serve as great visual reminders of EAFK social emotional learning objectives. Place 12-poster sets in your classrooms, hallways, and common areas. Each of these high-resolution, vibrantly-colored posters is 11" x 17", and highlights one EAFK elementary character trait and a quick encouragement.

Price Per Set: $70 plus shipping for one set of twelve posters.

Order as many sets as you like. Discounts apply for multiple sets

1 set = $70

2-3 sets = $63 each

4-5 or more sets = $59.50 each

More than 5 sets = $56 each


EAFK Large Banner

Our large, 2'x6' vinyl banner is often used in entry ways or on the knighting ceremony stage. Grommets attached for hanging.

Price: $265 plus shipping


EAFK Award Medallions

Standard Medallion - $2.85 each

Order of The Black Prince Medallion - $2.85 each

Price: $25 plus shipping