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EAFK is owned and operated by The Knights of The Guild, a subsidiary of The Randall Parr Organization, Inc.


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EarlyAct FirstKnight (or EAFK) is a daily, classroom-based Social Emotional Learning program for elementary school students.

Proven effective, EAFK builds excellent character and teaches classroom students of all backgrounds how to become civil, socially-responsible, service-oriented people and why it is important for them to do so.

EAFK is exciting, inspiring and rewarding for children. It is themed around the most noble knights of history and literature, along with role models of various eras and cultures; people who lived by personal codes of high ethical standards and performed extraordinary deeds of service to humanity.

EAFK is unlike any other program of its kind. We combine proprietary elements, such as our daily classroom curriculum; spectacular school-wide knighing ceremonies/award events; regular campus vists by real knights in shining armor; community service project opportunities; faculty training, and fast client support.

EAFK also offers optional components, including parent education and even on-campus performances by our knights and costumed warhorses.

What is EAFK?

EAFK is sponsored by participating Rotary Clubs


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