EAFK is licensed by The Knights of The Guild to our clients annually. Costs are determined by campus and grade level, not by the number of students enrolled. Components are integrated, and one may not be employed independent of the others. Pricing varies by location, and is subject to change without notice. There are no refunds for knighting ceremonies canceled by schools after their scheduled dates have been confirmed. Multi-campus discounts for EAFK programs are available under certain conditions. Email for more information.

Optional Medieval Tournament Show

Description: 45-minute live action outdoor show with knights and horses, held on campus.

Cost: $3,000+ depending on location and current fuel costs. Live only.

EarlyAct FirstKnight®

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Optional Parent Education Seminar

Description: The parent education seminar is an evening, on-campus presentation for parents and families of

EAFK students who are interested in learning more about EAFK, and how to reinforce the EAFK program at

home. Simple, effective parenting skills and relationship-building tips are also provided. 45 minutes, one event.

Virtual/video available.

Cost: $800 (Live); $600 (virtual/video)

For 2024-2025